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erae cs (hereinafter referred to as the Company),
acknowledges the importance of our customers' personal information and is strictly applying the "Law of promoting information communication use and protecting personal information." The Company utilizes the customer's personal information for a certain purpose and through a certain procedure according to the Company's Personal information handling policy and the Company will provide information onf how our customer's personal information is being used. The Company will provide notice when any changes are made in the Company's personal information handling policy.

ο The policy will take effect on April 20th, 2012

The company protects the customers' personal information and in order to provide proper service, the company implements the following policies in the collection of information. To receive proper information in response to your inquiry, you must agree to the following personal information handling policies. The personal information gathered is not released to any 3rd parties and will only be used for replying back to you with information regarding your inquiry. The personal information the company gathers to reply to your inquiry are name, email address and phone number.

The company or a 3rd party who receives the personal information will destroy the information without any delay after the purpose of gathering personal information is fulfilled. However, information in need of storage in accordance with related legal policies will be stored for a certain period by the Company according to the following legal policies.

① Stored information: Name, e-mail, company name
② Reason for storage: [Law of promoting information communication use and protecting personal information]
③ Storage period : 5 years

The Company has designated a personal information manager to protect the customer's personal information and handle disputes in relation to personal information.

- Personal Information Manager : Wi Seongsik
- Phone number : 82-55-346-2000~15
- E-mail : sswee@ierae.com

When utilizing services provided by erae cs, the user may report any personal information related issues to the Personal Information Manager. The Company will respond to users' inquiries as soon as possible.